Live Event Wedding Painting by Watercolour Artist Paul Raymonde

Live Wedding Painting and Live Event Painting as entertainment have been firmly established in the United States for a few years now. It is still fairly novel in Europe but rapidly gaining popularity.

As both entertainment for the guests and the creation of a unique memento, it is incomparable. Watching a painting develop is something few people have witnessed live and receiving and displaying the finished artwork on the same day is an outstanding addition to any event.

Live painting in public a skill that few artists dare to tackle. It is art – but also a performance. Most events will hire a photographer, but no matter how skilled they are, they do not have the opportunity to mimic mood in the same way as an artist. An Artist has the ability to play with the lighting and adjust the positioning of people and objects to best fit the composition. This is how they enhance the drama of the scene and create an idealised memory of the day.

If you are holding a wedding or have and up and coming event that will be spectacular, get in touch with Paul and he will let you know all the available options.

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