Live Painting at a Wedding

Live event painting is about capturing the mood and atmosphere of the day quickly and colourfully whilst also creating a fascinating attraction for guests.

When Paul arrives at an event he will search out the best viewpoints before the guests arrive and make some preliminary sketches. Then he takes some photos or short videos so that should he should be forced to move, the painting can still be completed. Throughout the event guests are able to watch and admire his deft skill with the paintbrush and follow the fascinating progress as the artwork intriguingly comes to life.

At live events, Paul paints in vibrant watercolour on rough textured cotton rag paper. As an artist he specialises in watercolour, one of the trickiest painting techniques to master. Watercolour is however lightweight and less messy than other mediums, and it is also quick drying and odourless, making it ideal for live painting. Used properly it produces a clean and spontaneous image in less time than other methods of painting. Clients can then pack it and take it away immediately.

Paul travels throughout Europe to paint live at events.

– Live Painting Performance
– A watercolour painting 15″x 22.5″(38cm x 57cm) on Arches 300gsm textured cotton rag paper
– Receive and keep the artwork at the event.
– Entertainment and conversation piece for the guests.
– Pre-order a frame and it can be framed the event.

Perfect for weddings, parties, anniversaries, barmitzvahs, corporate events.

Speed painted murals or super-sized canvases

– Live Painting Performance
– Quickly executed mural or mural sized canvas from a prearranged design. Please note that enough time must be left before booking  in order to create and approve design(s) for this performance.
– Painted in Acrylic on an approved surface – paper, canvas, panel etc..
– Artwork is yours to keep.

A live painting performance ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, product launches or stage. Recommended as an attraction at large events.

Are you looking for something that is not mentioned above?

Please let me know and we can discuss possibilities.

Hippie Beach Wedding, Ibiza

Japanese Ceremony – Costa Brava, Spain

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